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I always see text posts on here about derepression. About how it’s hurts to get up in the morning, and you don’t want to eat and your thighs are bloody from cutting and they always end with “because he doesn’t want me.”
The state of my mind did not depend on whether or not some stupid guy wanted me. It was deeper than that. I didn’t want to die because some dude who sat in front of me in class never turned around and noticed that I was a special snowflake.
I just hate seeing posts like that because then people reading them think that being that obsessed over someone Is normal, they think that it’s natural. And it’s not. It’s not healthy. It makes me feel like why I was upset and why I didn’t want to live are less important. I dunno, just a rant. I’d just like to see (or create) some writing that reflects the other causes of depression instead of this endless “he left now I’m going to kill myself” bullshit.

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If feminists is about building women up and giving them choices, why do feminists treat women like garbage as soon as they learn a woman isn’t a feminist or believes in a different ideology? 


How the actual fuck could you be a woman but not a feminist? Do you hate yourself or something?

Evidence of my point. 

Lol if there’s one thing feminists are good for it’s proving to everyone how useless feminists are.

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I once had a guy tell me to never cut my hair short because I had a fat face and needed long hair to cover it. I proceeded to grab scissors, pull my hair back, and cut across. It ended up being my cutest haircut ever!

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Sure you did.